Ridina Ahmedová

Invitation to a trip. The way through a field, forest and rain for one woman and many of her voices. The intersection of sound with shape and colour of soil. "Voicescape" is a concert with projection, a live performance connecting voice with a film screen, a confrontation of vocal and visual structures. It is the search for the sonic shape of the Czech landscape, its colours and curves.Ridina Ahmed works with a sampler which enables her to provide real time voice loops and layers. Vocal compositions unwind in a spiral. Similarly, the projection is a minimalist composition rather than an illustration of the landscape.

Experiences from wandering through a landscape which surrounds us are somewhat subjective, but despite that we all share them in some way, all of us who live i the middle of forests, hills, fields and wayside crosses. Voicescape is conceived as a trip, a walk through the landscape with several stops - in a field, on a hill, in the rain...
It is a result of the search for the moments when the musical (or vocal) expression of the landscape and its specific atmosphere is so intimate that it becomes a testimony and with so much overlapping individual experience that it can be transferred further to the spectators.

The singer sings on stage, but she is not the most prominent - a projection screen is behind her. She is not the centrefold - rather a figure passing through a landscape, just a humble wanderer.

Ridina Ahmed (1974) dedicated herself to jazz singing for several years, participated in the project of Floex (www.floex.cz , CD Pocustone, 2001), she composed the score for Life according to a mayfly (Život podle jepice) performance and for a solo movement project, Secret or I Want to Run as a Mad Horse by Alena Dittrichová (nominee for the Sazka and Divadelni noviny prize in 2003 for Dance and ballet).
She is interested in exploring female voice as a solo, non accompagned instrument.

Concept, voice:
Ridina Ahmedová
Jakub Šimunek, Iveta Kratochvílová,
Adéla Svobodová
Šárka Sklenárová
Costume designer:
Lenka Kohoutová

This project was created with the support of the Open Society Fund
Our thanks go to: www.avidmovie.cz



contact: Ridina Ahmedová, tel. +420 608 20 21 33, ridina@volny.cz