with editorial help from Zoë Skoulding


The word everybody tries to appropriate. What does a person expects when screaming one word without any context? And is the word at least the real one? Does it express exactly what is expected from it? It would be a double disgrace to pronounce a word in hope, but not the right word. Let's walk through the gates and use them as a point of change. Let's switch the slogans to the most critically adequate ones!


Can we venture to call things by the right, exact names?
And who cares about it?

(The Book of Sighs, March 2, 2005)

FREEDOM-the illusion of freedom, the magic formula of freedom, that is the leitmotif of this epoch. It includes the American dream as well as ascetic traditions. The whole phenomenon of so-called contemporary art is just a fight, a struggle, a longing for freedom from convention, routine, craftsmanship, pattern, repetition, scheme, and social and business mechanisms. But the latter always come back, stronger, fully recovered after lost battles to overtake (again). The whole phenomenon of contemporary art is just one little part of the mania. The longing for freedom is the backbone of the whole movement of art nowadays. It is the power beyond the searching for new styles or languages. To forget, be reborn, divorced from the past. To wake up with a shiny new genetic code.

United Martins Zets will never be defeated!

If everybody is part of everybody else, or if you can say that everybody is God or everybody is the Devil, you can easily say that everybody is Martin Zet. The problem is that not everybody is aware of it.This is the beginning of my dissolution within society, the starting point of a chain reaction leading to a situation in which everybody-every child, every woman, every man-will be aware of being (itself, herself or himself) Martin Zet, and this will become more important than all other qualities. More than colour, nation, politics, race, religion (in alphabetical order), and so on. Hopefully this is the way to human brotherhood….And this is only the first step. The movement must then spread to everything: animals, plants, planets, galaxies, universes. Everybody from history and in the present, every person from Ovid's Metamorphosis, from mythologies, theologies, fairy tales (in the same way as when I read about them), every stone, every verse in the universe will be Martin Zet fighting for the freedom of Martin Zet. In short, beautiful! Then I can retire, which means at the very least freedom from work.
(an email to Redas Diržys, January 30, 2001, 3:14 p.m.)

Such a nonsense. And poetry. Word. Belief in word. The word itself. Formula. Spell word. The word itself gives to the recipient what he/she wants to get from it. Speech as a placebo effect. Slogans as placebo, placebo word. FREEDOM! or REVOLUTION! or compound lexeme without a phrase, a kind of enumeration: LIBERTY - EQUALITY - BROTHERHOOD! Even these three words themselves have no freedom - they are tied; nor equality - they are arranged in order; nor brotherhood - if being part of one slogan is not a brotherhood (they don't have a common stem, nor roots).

And one word: REVOLUTION!
Such a nonsense for the second time. Why revolution? I want a change, I want things to get better. Not some repeating evolution. And the meanings of the words evolution and repetition are contradictory. Either evolution means to move from somewhere to somewhere else, or it isn't an evolution. If it comes back to the same (similar) point it rather is a cycle. Revolution - from the historical point of view - is really closer to a cycle than to the evolution. From time to time the times mature and then a little drop is enough to fertilize them.

There are words and colours which everybody wants to appropriate. Words, which in the eyes and ears switch on the mechanisms changing and strengthening resoluteness. Red is a colour of the Communist and also the Republican party; revolution changes society into a communist and also into a capitalistic one.

But words need translations, contexts. Red - it's something else. It itself has the hypnotic power. And it is from all the colours the freest, the most unbounded one. On photographs or film and video recordings it likes to overflow the edges determined for it by reality; it likes to absorb its own shades and create flat surfaces - in a similar way to the structuring of red societies.

REVOLUTION! What it represents definitely deserves the right name, the more exact name, the name which would express what it is really about - looking from the point of view of the time / epoch. Let's not offend what it represents by having too much cowardice to change this inexact expression into the new word, similar sounding but much more fitting: REOVULATION! From now no more revolution, but REOVULATION!

This moment is the moment! MOMENT FOR FERTILIZING! If we miss this chance, we will have to wait for ages! Now this is the right moment to ask about freedom. Are we free? Am I free? Is Martin Zet free? Free Martin Zet!

What is your name? (coming to the people and screaming alone and together with them):

Are you free? Is ……free?
Free ……...! You scream yourself: Free……….!

Is Martin Zet Free?
And does he really want to be free?

April 4, 2005 in Dresden


The times mature
to be fertilized again!
(they are actually always prepared)
let's make the
souls and spirits

The time is ready
for radical change
old-new change
inner and outer
It's necessary
to change
Martin Zet
and all the responsibility
for this change lies
only and only
on his shoulders.

Do whatever
you want
there is no chance to
help him.
Try even more
but you will not
make things
easier, lighter
for him
but also not more

His life is full
of signs, which
he learns to
Full of curly
unexpected expressions
of trust, affection
and other emotions.

Trust helps
but he is
it is
the most cunning
Past sins
are the good sins
if they help
to transform, widen
the understanding
soften the strict
The body is good
mainly thanks to
its imperfections -
they are the mediators
of empathy.

is the sign.
Its finally necessary
to globalize
He must start
to see things
in their

entirety and
possible collaboration.

The soul and technology
reovulationary potential.

Let's wake up,
that lazy man.

Let make him stop
his scepticism treating
everything with
irony. If he really
has to grimace
let it be the grimace
which throws
the joyful message
to the public:

It is possible
to change one
for a certain period
of its active
age, but it must
work on it alone
by its own will
using all powers,
all available means.

Let's wish that this
hedonistically erotic
ascetic in momentary
solitary confinement
under strict regime
can reach the moment
in which he can shout
(without a devil's help):

"Oh moment, stay bit longer,"
to immediately realize
flowing brings
him even bigger

with Stonhenge
behind my back

February 14, 2005
On the way from London to Dartington
by the nightfall.

"Not to hide"
That was
the best
of drinking -
that I didn't hide anything.

But now
I want.
I want to hide,


light through,

Things keep showing up
and offering

It's me who's
in the state enabling
their recognition.

February 9, 2005



... even with the risk that in the moment of fertilizing
you never know what child will be born.

February 17, 2005