KORACI (THE STEPS) by VLADIMIR PEROVIC Serbia and Montenegro 2006, 54 min. Without dialogs.

The three parts of the documentary are connected by the scenery of the Boka Kotorska bay and the human will on a mountain trail. Three men hike along the narrow paths on steep slopes above the coastline. The camera follows their steps and without words or music, the film asks about the purpose of their walk.
A man's paces are counted by the tower clockwork.
In the Watchman episode, the second man descends to the coast to night-watch a bankrupt factory.
In Smoke, the third man lits a fire in his, the last inhabited house in a mountain village.


I met Kati the first time when she moved across the Tisza River from the Ukraine to a village in Hungary when she married my friend Laci. Kati brought her daughter Sabina with her. Laci treated Sabina like a daughter. But Laci and Kati divorced after a short time and Kati moved back to her house in Southwestern Ukraine, where she lives with her sister Nori, brother Imre and Sabina. They are not Ukrainian, they are Hungarian and Hungarians are a minority in the Ukraine.

Kati, Nori and Imi are siblings, living together in great poverty in a village at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. Since the death of their parents, the ground under their feet is becoming more and more unstable; Their cruel self-destruction affects their relationship with each other. And Kati, this Sub-Carpathian Gersomina, runs the risk of having Sabina, her daughter, become estranged from her. The document subtitled Sub Carpathian Soap Opera shows, with radically naturalistic immediacy, the life of a cursed family.




Szabina and Kati

Dezso Zsigmond