DAKHA BRAKHA - ethnic chaos band

World originates from Chaos. Music evolves from the ethnic soul. Ethnos + chaos the combination of two fundamental substances, create the world of music in a variety of native melodies rythms - the world of unexpected, intimate and new music.

The name is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. Daha/Braha means "give/take" in the old Ukrainian language. The meaning of "giving" is obvious - to give music, joy, celebration, the whole spectrum of emotions, feelings and reflections that fresh music and singing bring with itself. The energy for singing can be taken not only from a native "source", but from everywhere. And it is a right way according to the Ukrainian culture what has always been composing itself in close connections to other cultures. The feeling that you have touched the heart of the song, the rythm, the chord.

"DahaBraha" singers:

Instruments: Indian tablas, buddhistic gong, marakas, cello, Russian treschotki etc.

Vladyslav Troitskyi considers that the Ukrainian folk music and songs will benefit from the overtones of another music, cultures and styles. He believes it will help to open up the rich inner potency of the Ukrainian melodies and to bring it to the hearts and consciousness of the young generation in Ukraine and the rest of the world as well.

The Centre of Contemporary Art "DAKH" - is a place there the group was created in the Year 2004.

The sacred idea in Ukraine is not in a restoration of the traditions and the forms of mentality but in a creation of a new myth of the Ukrainian people as a nation of action, self-responsibility and real independence.

Multy-format project "Ukraine Mystical" - is an attempt to reveal energy within this land and its culture and realizes itself an the crossroads of many kinds of art (theatre, movie, folk-music, video art, etc.) between the practice and the theory, new artistic technologies and ancient legends and myths.

Vladislav Troitskyi is the founder of the "DakhaBrakha", actor, producer, director of DAKH Centre of Contemporary Art: " Viability and success of the project depends on musicians and their energy what they put into it. The first peculiarity of "DakhaBrakha" history - all the participants used to be simple ordinary performers who have made a step fundamentally qualitative for them - they became the creators of new music drawing from ethnic and classic sources. The second peculiarity - band regulary plays in perfomances. That means a constant meeting with alive spectators in a synthetic space of perfomance. The musicians have the same task as the actors - each time they create music in a new way.

The third peculiarity of the project - this album is recorded live. I think, the next ones will be recordered live, in concerts or in perfomances as well since without a contact this music is loosing its real energy. While there is a joy of creating the project is alive and the music is alive. If in the process of work people become more beautiful and interesting - the project is right. My task is to provoke a talanted person to open up and to develop himself.

In February 2007 DakhaBrakha with Theatre "Dakh" played 10 performances "Prologue to "Macbeth" on the stage of Barbican Centre (London, UK) www.barbican.org.uk

The DakhaBrakha took part in different international theatre and music festivals of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Hungary, Germany, UK, Ireland, Poland, France.

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